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Mobile Services

My Order

We have been allocated new SIM cards, when can I expect to receive them?

Will the Sim Card fit my Handset?

How do I know when my connection will activate?

We will be not be ready for the given Activation date, what do I do?

What Happens on the Activation Date?

How do I transfer all my contacts to my new Handset?

Will my connection be set up for Roaming?

Will my connection be set up for international roaming?

My Order Confirmation is wrong or needs changing, what do I do?

I have received an email about my connections, but not my Handsets?

I have received an email about my Handsets, but not my Connections?

Will my connection be set up for 5G & Wi-Fi-Calling?

Can I have a Spend Limit?

Is my data allowance pro-rata upon connection?

We are abroad when our number is due to port, will the activation still work?

Mobile data

Mobile data usage

How can I manage the data on my device?

Does SCG Together send me usage alerts?

When will my Data Allowance renew?

Will I get charged if I go over my monthly allowance?

How do I avoid data over usage charges?

APN Settings

What is an APN?

SIM Cards

Which SIM size do I need?

What if I lose my SIM?

How do I order a new SIM Card?

Can I have a eSIM?

What is an eSIM?

What are the benefits of O2 eSIM?

Connection Changes

How do I change my Tariff or add a Bolt on?

How do I add a bar to my number?

EU Roaming

What is Roam like at Home (RLAH)?

What’s Included in RLAH?

What’s not Included in RLAH?

What Countries are included in RLAH?

What happens if I run out of an allowance when I’m RLAH roaming?

What is the RLAH fair usage policy?

Rest of the World Roaming

What is roaming?

I am going abroad, what will I be charged?

I don’t want to use Data abroad, how do I disable data?

Out of bundle charges

Charges for services not included in your plan or outside your allowance