In the event of a Broadband fault that cannot be resolved through normal routes of router replacement, line checks etc, BT OR will only visit site once the customer agrees to pay a site fee.

A service that provides disaster recovery functionality to handle multiple inbound calls in the event of a disaster.

An enhanced service that allows guaranteed SLA’s on change requests, improved SLA’s on faults and array of additional benefits to the customers hosted service.

A service guaranteed to eliminate the risk of call out charges from OPENREACH when reporting a line fault.

Network Management reports that combine data from your local telephone exchange to provide key inbound and outbound information on your call traffic.

A service wrap for all products (multi-vendor environments) which includes internal infrastructure diagnostics, health checks, dedicated engineering resource and guaranteed SLA’s whether the customers service is provided by us or not.

Allow for a swift diversion of inbound calls to your chosen number in any scenario from power loss to telephone system failure, line fault or simply the inability to sufficiently staff your offices due to extreme weather.

Protective service to defend customer’s telephone systems and telephony network from call fraud, which is a large issue across SME’s in the UK.

VoIP Safe is designed to mitigate both the risk and financial effect of billing fraud for customers who have calls running over the Internet.

Web Listings is a web profile service enabling businesses to automatically optimize their on-line presence via a simple to use dashboard.