Hosted telephony includes a telephone system and web portal to manage communications.

  • Secure IP network
  • Connected software and hardware including IP handsets
  • Online management tools
  • Enhanced systems
  • Full training
  • Ongoing maintenance

Once your business has been set up with a hosted telephony system (to learn more about hosted telephony installation requirements, click here) you will be provided with, connected IP phone handsets, an intuitive web portal to manage communications and 24/7 support and maintenance.

This is all included in a set monthly cost which will be agreed with you before the service is delivered. Training can be provided to your staff either remotely or on site, and you will have the option to use your VoIP at one or multiple locations.

At any stage, should your requirements change, the system can be remotely altered to match your needs and your costs stay in line with usage. Productive and efficient, there are no upfront costs and is fully scalable and future-proof.

To learn more about the benefits of a hosted telephony system, click here.