Malicious Disruption (AKA The Geek Hack)

Most usually targeted at larger companies; an individual with a gripe will attempt to hack into the telephone system and create large call costs for the company with no personal gain. Please read through the Tips to Avoid System Hacking and Fraud Indication Alerting section of this document to help pick up possible fraud when it happens, not when your invoice is produced.

Unauthorised Calls by individuals with direct access

This type of fraud is usually committed by staff outside of working hours, who are using your company’s phones for expensive calls such as premium rate numbers and international destinations. This fraud involves no hacking or complexity, and is largely opportunistic; however it can be just as costly. In this instance it is vital that you have indicators to raise any “out of the ordinary calls” to your attention. For example, if your business runs from 09:00 to 17:00, you should be alerted to any calls made between 17:00 and 09:00 that could possibly not be business related calls.

Organised Crime

Unfortunately, this type of fraud is rife in the UK and is worth twice that of Credit Card Fraud, at approximately £1.2 Billion per annum. This is similar to the geek hack, however is committed for personal gain by the Fraudster. There are several reasons for this; the principle one being to make money.

Once hacked into your telephone system, the Fraudster will re-sell phone cards for international destinations at a much lower rate than it would cost to call the destination from a landline. When the phone card is used, the destination is called via your telephone system, giving the Fraudster a huge profit from the sale of the phone cards and leaving you to foot the bill.

If you have been a victim, you need to report it at: