Can you afford your broadband to go down?

A dedicated leased line is the guarantee of a high-speed connection at all times.

  • No connection sharing with the neighborhood
  • No drop in broadband speeds

How can this help your business?

  • Save time and money with guaranteed broadband ensuring you always have a constant, reliable internet connection
  • Improve your residents’ experience with fast and reliable Wi-Fi
  • Take advantage of new technology such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and benefit from free calls and built-in business continuity

Update your company information in one go and drive customers to your location

In the last 2 years, mobile searches for “Open now near me” have grown 200% and 76% of local searches result in a visit within 24 hours. Web Listings enables you to capture some of these customers and take them from their mobile phone straight to your door. With Web Listings:

  • Increase your online visibility by boosting your Google ranking
  • Get more footfall with a precise location of your business
  • Easily update 50+ platforms with just one click

Save Time & Hassle

Convenience and Social Distancing

Happier Guests

More New Customers

The big switch: prepare for the inevitable 

In 2025 BT will switch off all traditional analogue landlines (ISDN and PSTN) and won’t be installing any after 2020. After the switch off all phone communication will happen through the internet and mobile networks, putting enormous pressure on traditional networks. Make sure your business benefits high-quality communication and beat the rush due to the increasing demand for lease lines by switching now.