Evonex Customer Success Stories

We’ve just joined Southern Communications with their Evonex phone system coming from Vodafone OneNet. To be honest I was dreading it, but thanks to the team there the move across has been plain-sailing and I needn’t have worried!

We’ve had very few teething problems and those we did have were responded to and solved quickly.
The person in charge of all the provisioning, Gina, was extremely helpful and communicative in the lead up to the install.

The initial site survey was carried out by the same person who installed the system, Gareth, who was very professional, set the system up exactly as we’d asked and knew exactly what he was doing. It was obvious he had 100% faith in the system, which speaks a lot for itself. Customisations were no problem and all the admin controls I’ve been left with are quick and simple to use.

If you have any reservations about moving to Southern Comms, don’t worry, everything will be great.

Evonex Voip System

We just changed over from analogue lines to their VOIP Evonex system, and are so happy with this new system. It is really simple to set up and use, and offers us so many more call features than we had before with our old lines.

The way that Southern Communications helped us through the installation of the Evonex system and handsets was fantastic. Everything was done exactly when they promised it would be done, and the support we received from Gina and her colleagues in the transition team was first class – thank you everyone!

If we had any queries they were always there to answer them, and all our “beginner’s” questions about the new system were answered with a great deal of patience and understanding, which we really appreciated!

The icing on the cake is that now we have the new Evonex system it will start to make us some good savings compared to the old system – Bravo!

So, in summary the service and products from Southern Communications are brilliant, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Top marks for installation of Evonex

Southern Communications have just replaced our Avaya IP Office with their Evonex phone system. Pricing was much better than other hosted systems and the flexibility of the system is perfect for our requirements.

Thank you to the back office team who helped us through the pre installation and ensured that equipment arrived prior to installation date, giving plenty of time to ensure that come ‘D Day’ everything went as planned.

Two engineers visited to complete the installation which went like clockwork, with no hiccups. Both were very polite and understood our requirements, accommodating our business needs and questions with ease, and overcoming a couple of small problems with a smile and good humour.They were also able to explain what was happening really professionally.

This has confirmed that our choice to use Southern Communications was the right one and we look forward to working together.

New VOIP solution (Evonex)

Provided us with a new VOIP solution, installation was painless and caused very little disruption. The installation engineers were very thorough ensuring all users were happy before they left. Administrators kept us well informed at every stage of the process.