What is VoicePro?

With VoicePro, you can easily produce high-quality telephone announcements such as welcome messages, IVR prompts, on-hold messages, and special advertising messages. You can also add license-free music to entertain and engage callers waiting in the queue. This feature allows you to achieve multiple goals:

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Promote your brand to a captive audience
  • Manage your out-of-hours messaging
  • Ensure the perfect first impression is made with all callers

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How easy is VoicePro?

Simply enter your company web address into VoicePro’s activation wizard. Powerful AI technology then processes the information from your website, creating bespoke recordings, and pairing them with tailored AI voices and music recommendations.

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Why VoicePro?

  • Unlimited bespoke recordings from the very latest AI characters
  • Fully integrated AI scripting tool to speed up scripting, voice and music selection
  • 10,000+ professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages to simply use or tailor to your exact requirements
  • 50+ languages and dialects from 350+ professional voice artists
  • Vast library of licence free music