Tailored mobile tariffs

Meet the needs of your workforce, with tariffs tailored to you, offering cost-effective solutions across all the major networks.

MDM – Device Administration

One single, detailed bill for all your mobile devices.

Mobile Recycling

Are you interested in cheaper handsets through recycling?


 Install a SIM card and enjoy the benefits of resilient connectivity.

All the latest devices

At SCG, we offer businesses cost effective and flexible mobile connectivity with a wide range of mobile devices available to purchase on a monthly or one-off basis.

Unified Solutions

At SCG, our range of devices will keep you connected on the move. Whether you are looking for a device to support your hosted telephony applications, easy and secure access to cloud applications, email and company data or a GSM failover connection for your office, we have the solution for you, supported by the highest level of customer service and knowledgeable staff.